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Using Ice Breakers can set the wheels of success in motion!

Learn how to use Ice Breakers for Fun and Success in Life, One Person, One Situation, One Place at a Time

We offer books, posters, DVD’s and other products to help train people in better communication skills

We Offer individual and group coaching sessions in the skill of breaking the ice.

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Using an Ice Breaker is an awesome and highly effective communication tool that helps people of all ages, walks of life and in all business, social and romantic situations to break through the “social ice” that often exists between individuals or groups.

While some folks were born with a natural ability to say the right thing at the right time to smooth things over or make a wonderful first impression, most of us need a little help. That’s where an Ice Breaker comes in. Our programs using Ice Breakers has been specially designed to help you break the ice in a fun, dynamic and most of all effective way.

Maybe you need to sharpen up on confident interjections in the boardroom to successfully manage office politics. Perhaps you need just the right line to get that special girl or guy to go out with you. Or maybe you need to break the ice with a friend you had words with.

Life is riddled with situations that test our ice breaking abilities. More often than not, it’s the person with the so-called “Gift of the Gab” that makes the sale, gets the contract, or wins the girl. The good news is that the elusive gift of “saying the right thing at the right time” is not the exclusive property of lawyers, politicians and stand-up comedians. Ice Breaking is a skill that can be acquired – and it’s so much easier than you think!