Using Ice Breakers can set the wheels of success in motion!

Learn how to use Ice Breakers for Fun and Success in Life, One Person, One Situation, One Place at a Time

We offer books, posters, DVD’s and other products to help train people in better communication skills

We Offer individual and group coaching sessions in the skill of breaking the ice.

Dynamic events are scheduled all over the world

We Would Love To Hear From You!

Ice Breakers offers seminars to organizations on how to use Ice Breakers to increase the effectiveness of their organizations. We offer the following seminars at this time:

  • Teamwork – Breaking The Ice With Co-Workers
  • Customer Service – How To Use Ice Breakers To Keep The Customer Happy!
  • Sales Teams – Ice Breakers To Close More Deals
  • Non-Profits – Using Ice Breakers To Increase Donations
  • Associations – How To Use Ice Breakers To Bring In More Members

Conferences are planned to bring people from all walks of life and interests to meet, greet, and break the ice with each other.